Shared RV Storage vs Regular RV Storage: Understanding the Difference

man taking rv on a road trip after using rv shared storage
For the outdoor enthusiast or travel bug, the idea of owning an RV is a dream come true. It gives you the ability to hit the open road anytime, anywhere. But with great freedom comes the not-so-small footnote of RV storage.

When it comes to stowing this sizable investment, RV owners have to decide between shared RV storage or regular/private RV storage. Each has its perks, but which one best suits your travel and storage needs?

What Is Shared RV Storage?

Shared RV storage (often referred to as an RV pod or RV condo) is a communal storage space where RV owners have their private bays within a larger, shared space. It’s like having a big family garage, where everyone has their own section, but you can still see the rigs next to you.The draw of shared RV storage is the community it fosters among owners, as well as the added conveniences that come with shared amenities. At our Commerce Dr. facility, we offer shared RV storage solutions designed to cater to the needs of RV owners like you.

The Perks of Shared RV Storage

Shared RV storage can offer a range of benefits, including:

Enhanced Security

Larger shared storage facilities are often equipped with security features such as gated access, unique pin code entry, cameras, and fencing. This can provide additional peace of mind, especially during those long stretches where you might not be able to check in on your vehicle personally.

Cost Considerations

Typically, shared storage is more cost-effective than regular RV storage. For the budget-conscious traveler, this can make a significant difference over the years. However, it's important to note that costs can vary widely depending on location and the included offerings.

What About Regular RV Storage?

Regular RV storage, also known as personal RV storage, is more traditional in its approach. It’s akin to renting a space in a large garage or outdoor lot, where your RV stays separated from others unless you’re opting for a facility that offers stacked parking. For fully enclosed RV storage options, you can visit our 75 South facility, where we provide secure, climate-controlled storage solutions tailored to the needs of RV owners.

Personal Space

One of the comforts of regular RV storage is the privacy it affords. It’s all yours, and you’re solely responsible for it. This can be particularly appealing for those who are protective of their space or for those who see their RV as a personal extension of their lifestyle.

Independence in Decision-Making

When you have your own storage space, you’re in control. You can make decisions on maintenance, cleaning, and storage arrangements without having to consult a facility or take into consideration how it might affect others in a shared space.

Additional Benefits of Private RV Storage

Private RV storage can offer climate control and the added benefit of storing other items alongside your RV, such as supplies and household items, providing convenience and accessibility.

The Key Differences

  • Privacy: Shared storage offers a sense of community, while personal storage provides more privacy and individual control.
  • Cost Efficiency: Shared RV storage is typically more budget-friendly because you are sharing the space.
  • Community Aspect: Opting for shared storage means becoming part of a community, with access to experienced RV owners for advice and support, unlike the isolation of regular storage.
  • Control and Independence: Personal RV storage allows for complete control over one’s space and decisions regarding the RV, offering a level of independence not found in shared spaces.

What to Look for When Choosing RV Storage

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an RV storage option:

Location, Location, Location

Just like real estate, location is a key factor in choosing where to store your RV. Look for a storage facility that’s conveniently located relative to where you live or the areas you commonly frequent. Accessibility is crucial, and you don’t want your storage to become a barrier to using your RV.

Security Measures

No matter which type of storage you prefer, security is vital. Look for facilities that have cameras, fencing, and well-lit areas. If your RV is a shared space, ensure the facility’s management has a proven track record for security.

Condition of the Facility

Check the overall condition of the storage facility. Is it clean, well-maintained, and suited to protect your RV from the elements? A little extra diligence at this stage can save you from unpleasant surprises down the line.

Service and Reviews

Do your research. Look for customer reviews and ratings of the facilities you're considering. Positive feedback can be an excellent indicator of the kind of service you can expect. Equally, any red flags from previous customers should be taken seriously.

Contract Flexibility and Terms

Understand the contract terms before you commit. Flexibility in the length of the contract, payment methods, and cancellation policies can make your storage experience much smoother and less cumbersome.

Find Your Perfect Storage Space at Hawkeye Storage

With over 10 locations throughout Indiana, Hawkeye Storage provides a range of storage options for RV owners. Whether you’re looking for shared or regular storage, our facilities offer convenient locations, and exceptional customer service. Let us help you find a spot for your home away from home today!