A Closer Look at RV Storage Terms: Private Units, Covered Storage, Shared RV Units, and More

A Closer Look at RV Storage Terms
When exploring RV storage options in Indiana, it's essential to understand the frequently used terms associated with different storage solutions. This article aims to clarify the meaning and benefits of commonly encountered terms in RV storage, including private units, covered storage, shared RV units, standard parking, premium drive lane, premium unit, and self storage. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you can make an informed decision and choose the storage option that best suits your needs and preferences.

Indoor Storage:

Indoor storage refers to storage options where RVs are stored in fully enclosed buildings. This provides the highest level of protection from the elements and enhanced security.

Outdoor Storage:

Outdoor storage involves storing RVs in open-air spaces, such as parking lots or designated storage areas. While it may be more exposed to the elements, it can be a more affordable option.

Climate Controlled Storage:

Climate-controlled storage units maintain a controlled environment, regulating temperature and humidity levels. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive RVs or owners looking for extra protection against extreme weather conditions.

Dump Station:

Dump Station: A dump station is a designated area where RV owners can empty their onboard holding tanks for waste disposal. Some RV storage facilities provide on-site dump stations for their customers.

Security Measures:

This term can encompass various security features available at RV storage facilities, such as gated access, security cameras, and on-site staff. Including details about the security measures offered can help RV owners evaluate the safety of their stored vehicles.


Highlighting the accessibility features of RV storage facilities, such as extended access hours, 24/7 access, or any limitations or restrictions on accessing the stored RV.

Private Storage:

Private storage units in RV storage are like having your own personal garage for your RV. These units provide exclusive access, ensuring privacy and security. They are typically the most secure option but also tend to be more expensive. Private units offer ample space for your RV and may even allow storage of additional items as long as they fit within the unit.

Covered Storage:

Covered storage refers to storage spaces that provide shelter and protection for your RV, similar to a carport. These spaces typically have a clearance of around 14 feet, allowing for adequate height for most RVs. Some covered storage options may also include electric hookups, but it's important to verify this feature beforehand.

Shared RV Units:

Shared RV units involve a shared storage building where each owner has their own private door or space within the building. These units are specifically designed for storing RVs and do not allow for additional storage of other items. While offering some privacy, shared RV units foster a sense of community among RV owners within the storage facility.

Standard Parking:

Standard parking refers to RV storage spaces in a gravel or paved lot. These spaces provide an affordable and straightforward storage option for RV owners. They may not have additional amenities but still offer a secure location to park your RV.

Premium Drive Lane:

A premium drive lane is an extra-wide lane within an RV storage facility that provides additional space for maneuvering larger vehicles. It is ideal for RV owners who require more room to turn and navigate their RVs comfortably. Although most RV parking areas have wide drive lanes, a premium drive lane offers enhanced convenience for those with specific maneuvering needs.

Premium Unit:

A premium unit in RV storage typically denotes a storage unit that has desirable features such as a better location for backing in your RV. This may include end units or units without a building obstructing access, allowing for easier entry and exit when parking your RV.

Self Storage:

Self storage is a broader term that encompasses storage options for various items, including RVs. In the context of RV storage, self storage facilities provide dedicated spaces or units specifically designed for RV storage. These facilities may offer a range of amenities and storage options to accommodate RV owners' needs.

As you explore the numerous RV storage options, consider your specific requirements, budget, and the value you place on security and convenience. By familiarizing yourself with these terms and their benefits, you can confidently choose the perfect storage solution that aligns with your RV storage needs in Indiana. Your cherished RV will be well-protected, allowing you to embark on adventures worry-free, knowing it's in the best possible care. Happy travels!