How to Store Your Boat: A Practical Owner's Guide

boats in boat storage facility
Boating isn't usually a year-round hobby. There comes a time when you need to store your boat—whether due to the changing seasons, repairs, or even a long-term vacation. So how do you properly tuck away your boat until your next big adventure? Here are some practical tips to help you keep your boat in top condition while it's in a boat storage facility.

Types of Boat Storage

First, you'll need to decide how to store your boat. Each option has its own pros and cons:

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage protects your boat from harsh weather conditions, rodents and pests, and potential theft. These boat storage facilities also allow for easy access to your boat if you need to do any maintenance during the off-season—for example, our Pittsboro location is just off the Interstate so you can access your boat quickly. Indoor storage units cost more but they do provide the most safety and protection from the elements.

Outdoor Parking

This is a budget-friendly option, but it does come with risks. Exposure to the elements is one of the main downsides. If you live in a climate with mild winters, this option might be tempting. However, investing in a boat cover can help mitigate some risks.

Dry Stack Storage

This involves stacking your boat on a rack or in a warehouse—however, it may require special arrangements with the marina.

How to Choose the Right Storage Location

Every boat owner's needs are different—there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some factors to help you pick the perfect storage location for your boat:

  • Climate: Choose a storage option that will protect your boat from extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy precipitation.
  • Proximity to Water: If you plan on using your boat frequently, it's best to choose a storage location close to where you'll be launching.
  • Security: Ensure your chosen storage location has security measures, including cameras, locked gates, and 24/7 access.
  • Access: Ensure the storage location allows easy and convenient access.

3 Steps to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

Once you've chosen a boat storage facility, it's time to prepare your boat for its long slumber. Follow these three steps to ensure your boat stays in great condition during storage:

1. Follow a Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

Clean your boat from top to bottom, remove any valuables, and perform necessary maintenance tasks such as changing the oil and draining water systems.

2. Prepare the Engine and Mechanical Systems

Properly winterize your boat's engine and other mechanical systems to prevent corrosion and damage.

3. Protect the Exterior & Interior

Cover your boat with a tarp or shrink wrap to protect it from the elements, and use moisture-absorbing products to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Ready to Take Your Boat Out Again?

When it's time to take your boat out on the water again, don't forget to prepare it properly for return. The best way to avoid surprises or issues is to follow the same steps you took when preparing it for storage. And remember, regular maintenance throughout the year can help prevent major complications while it's stored away in a boat storage facility.

Hawkeye Storage: The Perfect Storage for Your Boat

Looking for a secure boat storage facility? Hawkeye Storage offers a convenient and accessible facility that will keep your boat safe and protected. Contact us today to learn more.