The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Storage Unit for Your RV

A row of RV storage units in Danville Indiana
When it comes to storing your RV, it's important to choose a storage unit that is the right size for your vehicle. Not only do you want to make sure you have enough space for your RV, but you also want to ensure that you have enough clearance with the door height and that the unit is long enough.

At Hawkeye Storage, we offer extra large 15x50 storage units with 14 ft doors, which are ideal for larger RVs such as Class A motorhomes. For smaller RVs, a 15x35 storage unit may be sufficient.

When selecting a storage unit for your RV, consider the following:

1. Clearance

Make sure that the storage unit has enough clearance with the door height to accommodate your RV. At Hawkeye Storage, our 15x50 units have 14 ft doors, which provide ample clearance for larger RVs.

2. Length

The length of the storage unit is also important. For Class A RVs, you'll need a unit that is at least 50 ft long to accommodate the length of the vehicle. For smaller RVs, a 35 ft or 40 ft unit may be sufficient.

3. Height

If your RV has a tall profile, such as a Class A with a rooftop air conditioning unit, make sure to select a unit with enough vertical clearance to accommodate the height of your RV.

4. Electricity

RV batteries can discharge over time, even when not in use. Having access to electricity can allow you to keep your RV batteries charged, so they are ready to go when you are.

5. Climate Control

If you plan to store your RV for an extended period, consider selecting a storage unit with climate control to protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures and humidity. Hawkeye Storage offers climate control RV bays at our 75 South location in Danville.

6. Wide Drive Lanes

Wide-drive lanes can make it easier to back your RV into and out of your storage unit and navigate the facility, reducing the risk of damage to your vehicle and making the storage experience more convenient overall.

Choose Hawkeye For Your RV Storage Needs

In conclusion, selecting the right storage unit for your RV is crucial to ensure that your vehicle is safely and securely stored. When choosing a storage unit, consider the size of your RV, clearance requirements, length, height, and availability of electricity and climate control. Additionally, opt for a storage facility that offers wide drive lanes for easy navigation and reduced risk of damage. At Hawkeye Storage, we offer a variety of storage units, including extra large 15x50 units with 14 ft doors, climate-controlled bays, and wide drive lanes, to meet the needs of RV owners. By considering these factors and selecting the right storage unit, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your RV is ready for your next adventure. Contact us today!