Improving Your Life with Storage

Self Storage

Did you know there are more self storage facilities in the United States than McDonald's? Considering the average home contains over 300,000 items it's no wonder the self storage industry is growing at a rapid rate. Considering the rapid growth of the storage industry, you have probably seen new storage facilities popping up in your area. Maybe you have always thought storage units were mainly for people who were moving and just needed somewhere to put their things temporarily. While that is one great use for storage, there are several ways in which storage could help simplify your life. Less Clutter Equals Less Stress With minimalism all the rage, perhaps you have had thoughts about decluttering your own home. A recent UCLA study confirmed there is a direct correlation between a woman's cortisol (stress) level and the number of unnecessary objects in a home. Come on guys, happy wife happy life, am I right? Maybe you have thought about decluttering but don't really know where to begin. Maybe you're afraid you'll get rid of things you may need later. That's where self storage comes in! I spoke with an expert in the storage industry and he said renting a small self storage unit is a great step to take in deculttering your home. This would allow you to put seasonal items such as holiday decorations in storage. Keep your winter clothes in storage in the summer and vice versa to keep your closet neat and tidy year round! Maybe you're not quite ready to let go of your 12 pairs of jeans that no longer fit, maybe your grandmother's gnome collection does spark joy, Marie Kondo. Put those items in storage and they will be kept safe until the day comes when you decide gnomes make the perfect decor. Anyone have children (also known as toy magnets)? The United States buys 40% of the world's toys but only counts for 3% of the population of children. On that same note, the ...

Joani Portwood
July 13th, 2021